Multi Colors Keep Smiling Water Colors Set 12 Pieces

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Multi Colors Keep Smiling Water Colors Set 12 Pieces

Yet somehow mixing watercolors to create just the right shade still seems hard. How exactly do you get the right color and consistency and not end up with a big puddle of mud?

Truth us, mixing watercolors is a lot less complicated than you think. Once you get the hang of the basic process, you'll be able to create any shade you could possibly want from just a few tubes or cakes of red, yellow, and blue. Who knew?


Okay, duh, but what kind? Watercolor paints come in two forms: pressed cakes or tubes. You can use either for mixing colors, so just pick your fave.


Also obvious, but what you may not realize is that water does more than bring paint to life; it also gives the paint a consistency that lets it be easily mixed. Water can also help you adjust colors, making them lighter or darker.

Keep clean water in a jar or glass near your palette. Just don't fill it up all the way! You'll be dipping and swirling the brush in the water and don't want any sloshing. 

A Brush

You really just need one basic round brush, but you can use any watercolor brush (totally U2U), depending on the effect you're after in your painting.

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