M & G Si Pen 0.5 mm Roller Ball Pen

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M&G Si-Pen 0.5,mm Roller Ball Pen were initially made to work as a blend of ballpoint pens and fountain pens. These pens make for a great promotional item because the ink used is more liquid than that of a regular ballpoint pen, this quality is what makes this type of pen a favorite among frequent writers. These pens are also a favorite among young people because of the viscosity of the ink. A more liquid ink allows for more creative additions to the colors of ink. Many liquid ink pens have a partially transparent body to allow the owner to visually monitor ink levels.

The benefit of using M&G Si-Pen 0.5, mm Roller Ball Pen rather than standard ballpoint pens are numerous, but some favorites are the fact that the resulting writing looks more like a fountain pen due to the type of ink used in this type of pen. Because fountain pens are so rare these days these pens are becoming more common. M&G Si-Pen 0.5, mm Roller Ball Pen Because the ink is liquid it is possible and common to add sparkles or other types of decoration into the ink for a fancier writing experience.
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