Dollar Permanent Marker Chisel Tip

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  • Dollar Permanent Marker now with a clip which makes it easy to carry in pocket. The truly universal permanent marker for all surfaces has gone green. Made up of a minimum of 37% recycled materials, the Permanent Marker is truly Eco-Friendly: Refillable, Recyclable and Xylene / Toluene free.
  • Permanent Marker, is permanent on Plastic, Glass, Metal, Fibre, Film, Paper & Board, Textile, OHP, CD/DVD and more.

Areas Of Light Surrounded By Half-tones Dollar Chisel Tip Permanent Marker 90

When you touch a Dollar Chisel Tip Permanent Marker 90 to your paper, it makes a positive black mark that can't be erased or altered. To make a Gray tone, then, you have to make a pattern of black marks mixed with the white of the paper: scribbles, dots, or the simplest, line-groups. All the halftones in my drawing are grays produced with line-groups.

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