Deli Smooth Ballpoint Pen 1.0,MM - EQ01130

In stock
  • Specification 

    Mini tip 1.0,mm,
  • Spec. 1 

    Pen clip included,
  • Spec. 2  

    Low viscosity ink

Buy Online Deli (EQ01130), Smooth Ballpoint Pen 1.0, MM

A Deli (EQ01130), Smooth Ballpoint Pen 1.0, MM - The most common pens come with caps or covers to protect the tip when not in use, to prevent drying up. Some other types of pens have a device so the tip can be pulled in. This form of the pen is controlled by a spring located inside the pen apparatus, but other implements are also used such as screws, slides, or buttons.

Deli (EQ01130), Smooth Ballpoint Pen 1.0, MM are omnipresent in contemporary times, although other types of pens are widely available; it is the ballpoint pen that can be found mostly in offices, schools, hospitals, and households. In fact, a person may own more than one ballpoint pen. They are cheap, utilitarian, and easy to use. Once the ink dries, they are thrown away.

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