Deli Punch Medium, 15 Sheets (With Guide), (E0105)

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  • Hole Distance : 80,mm.
  • Hole Diameter: Φ6, mm.
  • Throat Depth : 12,mm.
  • Punching Capacity : 15,pages/ 80g.
  • Measure : 55.5 × 27.5 × 33.5,cm

Deli Punch Medium, 15 Sheets (With Guide), (E0105) : If you are running an office, you will not need to go crazy with office supplies, but there are a few essential things you will need to be successful. There are many factors that will determine what you need, but there are basic needs that every office has in order to run successfully.

Once you are aware of what you need, you should budget accordingly. There are some items that every office needs like Deli Punch Medium, 15 Sheets (With Guide), (E0105) and if they are missing from your home office, you will definitely notice. Besides the obvious items like copy paper, ink cartridges, and pens. You will also need a stapler, business cards, and a paper punch.



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