Deli Punch Large, 35 Sheets With Lock - E0138

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  • Hole Distance : 80,mm
  • Hole Diameter : 5.5,mm.
  • Throat Depth : 12,mm.
  • Punching Capacity : 35,sheets/ 80g.
  • Measure : 40 × 38 × 25,cm

Deli Punch Large, 35 Sheets (With Lock), (E0138). Once you have your home office set up and you have the main items in order such as your desk, your ergonomically correct office chair, and of course your computer system you may think that you are ready to go. that keep your office running smoothly? You will need to hit the Deli Punch Large, 35 Sheets (With Lock), (E0138). and load up on all of the necessary office supplies to keep your home office running.

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