Deli Oil Pastel 12 Colors Set EC20200

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  • Brand Name: deli 
  • Model Number: ec20200 
  • Color:12c 
  • ITEM TYPE 1: Oil Pastel 
  • ITEM TYPE 2: School Crayon 

Deli EC20200 School Oil Pastel Rich Color 12C - Crayons use wax and Oil pastels use non-drying oil and wax. As opposed to that, crayons are harder and the two colors don't really mix together, very well. Pastels tend to smear and smudge and as a result, transfer very easily onto the artist's hands or any surface that the color comes in contact with.

Deli EC20200 School Oil Pastel Rich Color 12C (also called wax oil crayon) is a painting and drawing medium with characteristics similar to pastels and wax crayons. Unlike "soft" or "Japanese" pastel sticks, which are made with a gum or methylcellulose binder, oil pastels consist of pigment mixed with a non-drying oil and wax binder.


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