Deli Bumpees Zip Bag A4 EZ70102

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  • Specification : 335 × 243,mm,(A4).
  • Material :  0.18,mm PP sheet.
  • Spec. 2 Plastic zip.
  • Color : Bumpees pattern

Deli EZ70102 Bumpees Zip Bag A4 are very practical and useful. You can save a lot of unnecessary packing hassles if you have them available in your household. They can be utilised to organise and store items and to pack lunches, snacks and so on. They are also used to make sure items stay dry.

Zip Bag A4 are the most ideal packing items for snacks and sandwiches compared to other kinds of plastic bags. These resealable Deli EZ70102 Bumpees Zip Bag A4 are not bulky and would not take up much space inside your  Zip Bag A4 do. In addition, they really keep food fresh all day long. You could keep your home made sandwich in your bag without worrying about your meal being spoiled.


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