Cretacolor Natural Charcoal Stick Single Piece

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Cretacolor Natural Charcoal Sticks

Natural Charcoal is made by burning willow wood in airtight containers. Ideal for sketching. Available in 2 different diameters, Size 6mm & 9mm.

The Cretacolor Natural Charcoal Sticks Pack contains high-quality vine and willow charcoal sticks that are carefully selected for uniformity without imperfections. Vine charcoal is dark gray while willow charcoal is black Natural Charcoal is made by burning willow in an airtight container.

Cretacolor Natural Charcoal Sticks tends to be easy to dust or erase making it perfect for life drawing, quick sketches, or compositions that need constant reworking.

Cretacolor Natural Charcoal Sticks is also available naturally in a range of hardness including soft, medium, and hard. Linden is also a wood commonly used to create stick charcoal


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