Cretacolor Kneadable Erasers Single Piece

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  • Suitable for removing charcoals, pastels, graphites, add shading effects, or used for lightning a shade or color.
  • This extra-soft kneadable eraser is an indispensable tool when working with Pastel, Charcoal, or Graphite products. It absorbs the chalk dust by blotting and wiping the surface, without damaging the drawing paper. Simply remove rubbings from the eraser when necessary. The kneadable eraser can be shaped easily into any form for precision work.
  • Brand: Cretacolor.
  • Made in Austria.

Cretacolor Kneadable Erasers Single Piece can be shaped by hand for precision erasing, creating highlights, or performing detailed work. They are commonly used to remove light charcoal or graphite marks and in subtractive drawing techniques.

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