Carving Cutter Knife Pen

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  • Carving knife. Easy to use & reliable. High quality. Easy to cut any material. Stainless steel. Ideal in home & school. 1 pcs

What Is a Precision Knife?

Precision knives sometimes referred to as precision cutters or craft knives, including a variety of tools specialized for fine handling and detailed, free-form cuts. Contrast this with box cutters and utility knives, which prioritize strength over intricate handling. Precision knives allow for fine motor control, similar to a pen. Some, like a precision paper cutter, are designed to cut specific materials, but most precision cutters are effective with a wide variety of materials.

What Are Precision Knives Used For?

These knives are used for a variety of applications, most notably in arts, industrial, or laboratory settings. Typically, a precision knife cuts thinner materials than a box cutter, but depending on the length of the blade, some precision or craft knives can easily handle thicker materials like foam or corrugated packaging.

A crafting knife is a type of precision knife and, as its name suggests, it is primarily used for crafting with materials such as paper, stencils, and pliable sculpting material. The same kind of precision knife is ideal for detailed laboratory or industrial work that requires a delicate touch.

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