15 X 10 X 12" Food Box

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Choose this popular size for shipping round food items

  • Use to safely transfer bulk products from one site to another.
  • Easy to load/unload.
  • Protects irregular loads.
  • Consolidate several small shipments.

we proud supplier of superior customized Food Packaging Boxes for your eatery businesses. We understand that food packaging services require something if an expert’s touch to seal in the aroma and freshness of the food and protect it from external contamination.

You can trust on us Packaging to deliver the 15 X 10 X 12" Food Box integrating these qualities perfectly. You can order your boxes in any custom shapes (die-cut boxes, window boxes, boxes with handles or lids) or specific sizes. We manufacture 15 X 10 X 12" Food Box, personalized boxes for your eatery products that are printed with the latest CMYK/PMS printing techniques that advertise your brand and provide relevant information (calorie content and ingredients) to customers for smart selling.

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