Deli School Felt Pen 24 Colors - EC10023
Brand Name:Deli Packaging:Set Color Quantity:24 colors Model Number:EC10023 Cheap Crayons, Buy Quality Education & Office Supplies Directly from China Suppliers:Deli EC10023 School Felt Pen/Felt Pen Washable 1.0mm 24C Enjoy .. EC10324 Soft Drawing Felt Pen 1.0-8.0mm Bright 24C ... EC10100 Washable Felt Pen 1.0mm Bright 12C. EC10023 Felt Pen...
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Deli Felt Pen Washable 18 Colors - EC10013
Specification   φ10.2mm×145mm, 4.8gram/pen, 2.8gram ink/pen Barrel  Round Barrel Spec. 1  Fiber bullet tip, 1.0mm Color   18 colors: Lemon Yellow,Tangelo Orange,Scarlet Red,Magenta Pink,Violet,Plum,Lime Green,Forest Green,Cyan Blue,Indigo Blue,Chocolate Brown,BlackBumblebee Yellow,Coquelicot Red,Fushia,Yellow Green,Cobalt Blue,Gentle Grey
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