Cretacolor Artists Sharpener

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Artist Sharpener, it's a special sharpener used for sharpening graphite pencils, charcoal pencils & pastel pencils.

  • The benefits are that when we sharpen our pencil with a knife we can expose more of the inner core of the pencil (without the wood encasing getting in the way.) If we cut the wood back a lot further than the tip of the pencil, we can lay the pencil flatter to the surface of the paper.
  • Pencils have not contained lead for a long time, the cores are made of graphite powder that is bound into a solid form. Pencils break because they are brittle. If they are sharpened too much the tips get too thin and can be broken very easily.
  • Do you find this helpful? If when you sharpen a pencil of any kind and the shavings come off in little flakes, that means your sharpener blade is dull. If it is a good quality sharpener, you can buy replacement blades for it, if not, toss it out and buy a good one.



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