DELI School Scissors E6067 Plastic scissor 120,mm.
Brand Name : Deli. Model Number : 6067. COLOR : BLUE,PINK. STYLE 1 : Plastic Scissors. STYLE 2 : Student. STYLE 3 : 1pcs/blister card. STYLE 4 : 120,mm.
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Deli School Scissor - E6069
Specification : 134,mm 5 1/4". Material: PP, stainless steel. Spec 1 : 134,mm 5 1/4". Spec 2: Symmetric handle Deli E6069 Scissors W/Sleeve E6069 Scissors w/sleeve. E6069 Scissors w/sleeve Picture(s). Specification. 134mm 5 1/4". Material. PP, stainless steel. Packaging. DELI...
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Deli Scissors for studentsL-6061
Deli Stationery Case 6061 Scissors Office Scissors with Handmade Protection Paper Cutting Card Paper Cutting Tailoring Also
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