D Ring File A4 Size
Name D Ring A4, Material Had PVC, Color White D Ring File A4 Size - We all like to try and stay organized so as to make ourselves look professional and conscientious. When others see that we are organized it...
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Deli EA55202 Shape Sticky Notes 76×101MM 3”×4” 4 Neon Color has been around for ages. They help us keep track of our deadlines and pose as friendly reminders for us. You can use your post-it notes on documents, paper diaries,...
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A2 Id Card Case
Colorful, Beautiful, Harmless, Environmental, Anti-folding, Size: 6.5*9.5 cm We are a well-known wholesaler of A2 Id Card Case, File Folder, Inkjet Card, PVC Batches. All these products are quality assured by the executive to ensure perfect qualities and longer life. Highly demanded, these products...
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Deli E1589 Calculator
DELI 1589 Calculator, 3 Years Warranty DELI 1589 Mathematics Calculator Slim Type Calculator Big Screen 4 Color Dual Power, 12 Digits, Dual power, Auto/manual off, Big display, Online scientific Deli E1589 Calculator is capable of carrying out functions like square...
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Sticky Flags
Sticky Flags, Stick on all paper, glossy or laminating surfaces, Use as telephone messages or book-marks, Removable and re-stick again and again Keep Sticky Flags around your workspace, mark your favorite pages, and more with our range of colorful and...
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3-Tier Document Tray - Black
3 tier letter tray for desk or mailroom organization. It allows you to organize mail and files by importance, type, recipient or another method. Durable mesh design. Dimensions: (W x D x H): 350 x 275 x 278 mm Colour:...
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Stabilo Black Rollerball Pen Single Peice
The Stabilo Black rollerball pens were designed by Stabilo to target both students and professionals. This smooth writer produces a medium line, and has an anti-roll away design thanks to a small nub that sticks out from the pen body....
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Attractive Wooden Pen stand 8001
Attractive Wooden Pen stand. Single-piece price. Weight: 940g. Material: Wood. Intricate Designing and Finishing. Perfect for Desk. Attractive and Unique. Model of 8001. Classic Wooden Pen Stand Material: Wood Color: Brown Perfect for organizing your office supplies & keeping clutter...
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Scrap Book Scissor
ScrapBook Scissor Single Piece Price, Good Quality, Buy Quality Scrap Book Scissor Scrapbooking scissors help you create decorative borders and interesting designs. Yet, not all scissors are the same. Before you spend money on Scrap Book Scissor and discover that...
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One Hole Punch
One hole punch. Smooth and safe. Durable structure. Patent product A simple idea is a basis on which the One Hole Punch operates: the idea that a piece of metal, if thin and sharp enough, can cut through paper with...
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Metal Mash Office Sett
METAL MESH OFFICE SET OF 3 in 1. DG-2039. 1 Memo Holder. 2 Pen Holder. 3 Clip Cu. Metal Mash Office Sett of 3DG-2039 are rapidly replacing the regular cushioned and leather chairs that you may be used to seeing...
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Deli 6 Compartments Desk Organizer - Z00220
Stable construction for a durable use One injection piece for multiple organization function Easy organization to achieve a cleaner office
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AMOS White Craft Glue 36g Single Piece
AMOS White Craft Glue 36g 1Pcs EN71 – White AMOS White Craft Glue. Strong plastic body material. Brand: AMOS . Pack Size: 36g Single Piece. Product Type: Glue . . Product Type: Glue. Easy to apply on any paper, sheets...
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UHU Glue all Purpose 7ml
UHU All Purpose Adhesive 7ml. Brand: UHU. Pack Size: 7ml Single Piece. Product Type: Adhesive Glue. Easy to use & reliable. Used for All-Purpose, Paper, Plastic, Wood, etc. Easy to apply to any type of paper. For all the important...
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Round Corner Paper Cutter
Round Corner Paper Cutter Ideal for rounding corners on photo papers and laminates Easy to clean: they come equipped with a holder to catch the cut-off pieces  Size: 80 * 80 * 30mm  Fillet radius after cutting: 5mm  Color: Yellow, Red,...
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Flexible LED Table Lamp
[PREMIUM QUALITY] - LED Lamp comes with eye-friendly flicker-free LED light, soft-touch gooseneck, solid ABS plastic with no smell, non-slip soft silicone lamp feet, and thought-out design makes the use of the lamp pleasant for a long time. [3 LEVEL...
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Deli Smooth Ballpoint Pen 1.0,MM - EQ01130
Specification  Mini tip 1.0,mm, Spec. 1  Pen clip included, Spec. 2   Low viscosity ink Buy Online Deli (EQ01130), Smooth Ballpoint Pen 1.0, MM A Deli (EQ01130), Smooth Ballpoint Pen 1.0, MM - The most common pens come with caps or...
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Dollar Permanent Marker Round
Dollar Permanent Marker now with a clip which makes it easy to carry in pocket. The truly universal permanent marker for all surfaces has gone green. Made up of a minimum of (37%), recycled materials, the Permanent Marker is truly...
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Bubble Wrap Envelopes (11 x 5)
Bubble Wrap Envelopes (11 x 5), Khaki Color Rs.1 Extra Charge For Adhesive Double Tape on Envelop Measurement is in Inches Single Piece Price. Bubble Wrap Envelopes - Bubble wrappers can easily hold large items effortlessly since it is made...
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Bubble Wrap Envelopes (8 x 10)
Bubble Wrap Envelopes (8 x 10), Khaki Color Rs.1 Extra Charge For Adhesive Double Tape on Envelop Measurement is in Inches Single Piece Price. Bubble Wrap Envelopes (8 x 10), Bubble wrappers can easily hold large items effortlessly since it...
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Sensa Gel Pen - 555
Best Writing Signifies You Sensa Gel Pen 555. Full Gauged & True Quality For Your Saving & Profits. Use For Office, School & Home Safety. Feature: Metal Tip, No Fading, Patent Product, Contoured Grip, Water Proof Ink, Smooth In Writing....
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Advantage Organizer - Planners Organizers - Daily Planner
Personalised Advantage Organizer Use For Time Management And Expense. Best Organizer With Binder Clip. Write Meeting Details. Projects Organizer. Expense Organizer. Goal And Notes Organizer. Phone Number Details. Best Gift For Your Friend Futures.
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UHU Gum Stick
Glues strong, Fast and durable, Glides smoothly, Highly efficient and of course cold washable UHU Gum Stick  Finding the right card making UHU Gum Stick glue and adhesives is important. You want your creative cards to last as long as possible...
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