SENSA Fluid Correction Pen 7ml
Sensa fluid correction pen 7 ml. Easy to use & reliable. High-quality correction pen. Correction pen with neat and precise tip quickly covers even the smallest mistakes, squeeze-control system easily dispenses a steady, even flow of correction fluid, smooth, quick-drying...
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Deli Correction Tape - E8137
Model: 8137. Brand: Deli. Specification : 5,mm x 12m Deli Correction Tape Colorful (Blister Card) (E8137) Deli Correction Tape Colorful (Blister Card) (E8137) = The most common items in this supply category are packing boxes, paper rolls, bubble wrap, padded...
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Pelikan Blanco Fluid Thinner 2 x 20ml
This is a special product of Pelikan. It consist of Fluid + Thinner, 2 x 20,ml. The fluid works on fountains permanent ink, while the thinner works on fountain pens ink. It is used in offices, schools and homes. These...
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Giotto Happy Gomma Eraser
The jolly and colourful Giotto Happy Gomma Eraser. The highly colourful eraser in the shape of a Giotto pencil. Made to erase graphite, it fits pencil cases perfectly and is certainly eye-catching. Choose your favourite from the 10 colours available....
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