Deli Office Stationery Set
Deli office stationery set office supplies to satisfy different needs Best quality Qty : Pack
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Deli Thumb Nickel Round 100 Pcs Box - E0020
Item.No: E0020 Brand: Deli Specification: 10mm Fine metallic finish Deli Thumb Tack (Nickel Plated), 100 Pcs (Box) (E0020) - A drawing pin or thumbtack is a short nail or pin used to fasten items to a wall or board for...
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Deli Office Pin, 24mm, 50g (Nickel Plated) Box (E0016)
Item.No: E0016 Brand: Deli Deli Office Pin Nickel Plated Box (E0016) Specification: 24mm More easily to use on leather, Fiber or other unflat surfaces Deli Office Pin, 24mm, 50g (Nickel Plated) Box (E0016) - Drawing pins and pushpins are short, sharp pins used to...
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