Lyra Kneadable Eraser Single Piece
Clarify your creative ideas with a Lyra kneadable eraser! This putty rubber block is ideal for removing all traces of charcoal and chalk from large surfaces. Ideal for erasing or lightening charcoal, chalk, and pastel drawings. It can be easily...
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Tombow Mono Zero Eraser 2.3mm
Tombow has created (according to their research) the thinnest and most agile Tombow Mono Eraser Zero 2.3mm eraser line on the market! The insightful designer created an eraser that logically fits its function. With pencil leads so thin, the correction...
from Rs.1,250.00
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Marie’s Kneadable Eraser Single Piece
Marie’s kneadable eraser For Artist Easy to use removing sketches and pencil writing. Especially makes for arts and craft students. Adorable Products.
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Deli EH02610 Art Kneadable Eraser
 Kneadable Erasers are an essential tool for the charcoal, pastel and sketch artist. This Kneadable Erasers mould easily into a multitude of shapes and sizes. These erasers are pliable, yet firm enough to hold their shape while erasing.
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