How to Differentiate the Real Art Products from the Fake one

In this world, we are surrounded by art as it makes us happy in many ways. Art can help reduce stress hormones ‘cortisol’. Further, it releases endorphins which also play a perfect role in making an individual happy. Paints and colors facilitate people in reducing depression and anxiety. When people start suffering from depression, they took several pills which later on turn into an addiction and lead a person to several diseases. But paints are the easiest way to eliminate anxiety. The patients can transfer their feelings on the paper and feel relaxed. There is one more researcher who found that art is a perfect way to arouse emotions in the perceivers. So, when you are feeling sad, always use paint colors rather than taking anxiety pills.

 It is an art material that produces beauty around you. Art products have the potential to facilitate people in a lot of ways. Thus, it is essential when you are buying art items; choose a well-reputed company so, that you can get genuine items. Buying authentic art items from a professional art and craft online store is the best option. The importance of painting and the struggle of an artist is priceless. And a professional company always aims to provide perfect material to prevent wasting of their struggles. 

Difference between real and fake art products

There are many ways in which you can get the best art supplies. For a professional artist, shopping for art products can be difficult to act as their whole painting quality is relying on it. So, they are more confused about the time of buying artist items because the high-quality material of art is the only solution by which you can create your masterpiece. The following are ways to identify genuine art products. You can read the guidelines and get the perfect paints at affordable rates by recognizing it. 

  • Packaging
  • Logos
  • Colors
  • Specifications
  • Bar code check
  • BB and expiry date
  • Price


The packaging of a genuine product is always playing a vital role in identifying the real art products. You can easily identify the real product by packaging. A branded company never afraid of investing in the packaging. They select the perfect packaging material and best designers to make their box unique and perfectly fit for the product. Further, they aim to complement their art products. Thus, when you see the perfect packaging which seems professional and graceful full then it is the real product. Because a fake company never invest money in packaging.


There is a huge difference between a fake and real logo and you can only identify the fake one if you buy the products from the genuine store. For example, when you are buying the Canbebe diapers from clinix, you can see a teddy bear on all the diapers whereas if you buy them from a local shop then you might see cats’ dogs, or other animals. Thus, always consider buying art or other products from the well-reputed shop.


Always check the colors of the products and their packaging with concentration. The fake product always holds a little darker tone as compared to the genuine product. Further, you will see there is no grace in the packaging of a fake product. Thus you can also see the color scheme when you are looking for genuine products.


The genuine company knows the real ingredients and they never hide them. All the specifications are written on their boxes whereas you can never see the descriptions on the fake box. You may not able to see the box on the fake product at all.

Bar code

You can check the real products by scanning the bar code. Always scan the bar code before buying the product. The fake products will never able to lead you to the right company but the genuine barcode will redirect you toward the right store.

BB and Expiry date

Many fake companies never apply the best before and expiry dates whereas fake companies don’t present any dates.


It is very important and the best way to identify either you are considering the real company or the fake one. The fake company offers extraordinary low prices as compared to the genuine product. And it is not possible to create a real product at low prices.

The best art supplies can improve the quality of painting to the next level and a viewer will never ignore your efforts. Further, when your paintings are on sale then you will get the best price. Therefore, when you want to create the right painting, you must have to select a genuine company.

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