Whiteboard 18X24 Inch,(Small Size)
1 PCS, Econo Quality, 18X24 inch, Dependable, melamine whiteboard has a smooth writing surface; whiteboard can be mounted vertically or horizontally with included mounting hardware 18X24, Best for light use in personal or low traffic environments; silver finish, aluminum frame...
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Stands Iron Powder Coted Heavy Small
Stands Iron powder coted Heavy 5' Folding Stands Iron Powder Coted Heavy Small : - Perfect for displaying artist canvas at home or in the studio, a standard easel is a must-have for any working artist. Available in classic black,...
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Deli E7840 Eva Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser.
Specification 110×50×30,MM. Single pcs Only. Material. EVA, Sponge. Spec. 1 Magnetic. Spec. 2 Magnet strip on side.
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Local Made Whiteboard 2'x3'
Local Made Whiteboard 2'x3'. Single Piece Price, Best For School, Office And Home Use, Extend surface life of board by cleaning regularly Local Made Whiteboard 2'x3 The Local Made Whiteboard 2'x3'., since its invention, has come a long way and...
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Deli Student WhiteBoard, Magnetic,(With Accessories), (E7801)
Model: E7801, Brand: Deli, Plastic Frame, Hanging Rope, Calendar Printed on the back The Deli Student WhiteBoard, Magnetic, since its invention, has come a long way and today it is one of the most common fixtures in schools, universities, hospitals...
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Deli Whiteboard 7803
Deli White Board 7803, Pack of Whiteboard Number of Dusters: 1 Whiteboard Type: Ceramic Magnetic, Whiteboard Height: 24.5 mm, Whiteboard Width: 34 mm, Deli Ceramic Magnetic Magnetic Melamine Small Whiteboards
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Deli Magnet ɸ30mm,(6/pack),(E7825)
Item.No: E7825, Brand: Deli, 6 psc in 1 Pack Deli Magnet ɸ30mm,(6/pack),(E7825) - Deli office series ? 30mm 6 Multi Color Magnetic, Easy to, Brand of Deli, Ideal for white boards, notice boards, planning charts and fridges, Comes in 6...
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