Spirograph Design Ruler
Design magic Ruler set, 3 pieces accessories different colors Weight 21g, bag packing, hand printing, the material is 100% new PS material. Make your favorite designs using a pen or pencils. Bring your artist skills on paper. Fragile product Designer...
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Deli Yocoo Flexible Ruler 30cm - 6209
Easy to use & reliable, very elastic, unbreakable rulers, breaking not play in the satchel of a weight of books or stress after. Available in sizes: 30 cm. Environmental protection, ideal for school & technical drawing. Use your quality stationery...
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TATA Ruler & Cutter 35cm
TATA RC-5 is a ruler and cutter (rotary blade) that is used to cut all types of paper (photocopying, fax, print, photos, pp sheets, and vinyl paper) Has 2 rulers (horizontal and vertical). For an additional lateral ruler, it can...
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