Masking Tape 2x20
The strong masking tape that offers secure holding power and resists breaking. Use to protect surfaces while painting with clean removal. We are a well-known company in offering Paper Masking Tape, which is widely renowned for its durability and high...
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Jute Rope For Crafting Pack of 2
Wonderful for your craft needs, wrapping gifts, package or decorationIdeal for home, school, and office Suitable for most uses around the Home, Garden, or Office, ideal for tying up delicate training plants, etc. Strong and Durable Length of Rope: 50...
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Spirograph Design Ruler
Design magic Ruler set, 3 pieces accessories different colors Weight 21g, bag packing, hand printing, the material is 100% new PS material. Make your favorite designs using a pen or pencils. Bring your artist skills on paper. Fragile product Designer...
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Double Side Tape 1 Inch
Professional grade double sided carpet tape with hotmelt adhesives Sticks to many types of surfaces and conforms to uneven surfaces Great for home improvement and professional projects
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Mont Marte Air Hardening Modelling Clay 500g
Sculpting,Moulding,Preshool toys,Pretend play school craft supplies kids craft
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Das Air Dry Modelling Clay
Das air-dry modeling clay white & terracotta colors.PRICE of 0.5 kg pack= Rs.400 each.Particularly suitable for making models & sculptures, coating other materials such as wood, metal, or glass, it is based on natural substances, gluten-free and dermatologically tested.The clay...
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Quilling Paper For Make A Design Anything
Quilling Paper For Make A Design Anything Size Medium Use For Party Decoration and Design In School College and University. Materials: Paper package: 35 pieces, mixed color Size: 6mm wide, 52cm long use: quilling paper, DIY craft paper Occasion: Craft...
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Wooden Ice-Cream Sticks Small
Natural Wooden Ice Cream Sticks Popsicle Sticks Small Size 11cmx1cm. Ice Cream Stick Packing: 50 Pcs Packet Natural Wood Colors !! Generally, any non-toxic wood is ok for making ice cream sticks, such as birth wood, poplar wood, beechwood, etc. The most popular wood in China is...
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Deli White Glue Single Piece
Deli Multi-Purpose White Glue  Strong Plastic body. Brand: Deli  Pack Size: 40ml Single Piece. Product Type: Glue. Easy to apply to any type of paper. For all the important documents. Glues quickly and cleanly. For paper, cardboard, photos, textiles, Non-Toxic....
from Rs.99.00
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Fat 12 Bottles Vial Charm Glitter Pack of 12
Easy to use & reliable. High quality. Used for arts and crafts and drawing purposes. Good qualities of glitter. Multi-colors, 12 pcs. Make it: Mix the glitter glue and hot water with the whisk in a container. Then stir in some extra glitter. Pour...
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Paint Roller Clay Art Tool
It’s a perfect toy for stimulating kids' interest in painting. Give full play to the imagination Washable and reusable with water-based paints Fit for kid painting and DIY doodle Can be used for kid art class/ craft activities Handle design...
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Kids Art Artist Set in a Box 54 Pieces
54 Pieces Kids Art Artist Set in a Box with Drawers Pens Pencils Crayons Paints. Children's 54 Pieces Craft Art Artists Set in A Box With Drawers. Each fantastic set comprises of a carry case with drawers that open out...
from Rs.990.00
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Amos Classic Glitter Glue Set
Amos 10 Classic Colorful Glitter Glue, Regular Size, Non-Toxic, Extra Smooth, highlights your work, classic colorful glitter glue. Use for writing, edging and decorating cards, paper, craft projects, Superior quality-glitter flakes do not come off after dry, Vivid glitter glace...
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UHU Glue all Purpose 21ml
UHU The All Purpose Adhesive 21ml. Brand: UHU. Pack Size: 21ml Single Piece. Product Type: Adhesive Glue. Easy to use & reliable. Used for All-Purpose, Paper, Plastic, Wood, etc. Easy to apply to any type of paper. For all the...
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Paper Quilling Tool Kit Set
Our quilling tool kit includes 1 pcs template board, 1 pcs tweezers, 1 set 40 pcs bead needles and 1 pcs corrugated pen, 1 pc curling coach, 1 pc glue bottle and quilling strips. They are mainly used in craft...
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Lipstick Glitter Gel Pen 0.5mm
Lipstick Shape Glitter Gel Pen 0.5mm natural tray organizer yard pleat blackout curtains curtain hooks letter quotes roll tin toppers top training tins empty save the date cards nose man-shaped studio variety vases neck wrap 3-ring window tree grey sharpen...
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Deli Office Stationery Set
Deli office stationery set office supplies to satisfy different needs Best quality Qty : Pack
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Plastic Clay Sculpting Set Pack of 5
A perfect tool for earthenware clay. soft plastic handle with a comfortable feeling. for wax printing, batik from earthenware clay or cloth material. great gifts to friends or families. Material: Plastic Color: White
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Amos Glitter Glue Pack of 5
Amos Glitter Glue Pack of 5High Quality
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Washi Tape Decorative Design Single Pcs
Simple washi tape decorative tape. Easy to use and reliable. Use in your home decoration. Good quality tape. In each packet will be 10 multi simple or pattern washi tapes. Patterns and designs can be changed. Washi tape is a...
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B-6000 Multiple Purpose Adhesive Glues
Multipurpose Glue Adhesive DIY Jewelry Crafts – Epoxy Resin Glue Nail Gel – B6000 B6000 adhesive Glue Multi Purpose Adhesives B6000 Glue more material can be pasted, it metal, glass, ceramics, stone, bamboo wood, cloth, leather, PE, PP, PVC, ABS,...
from Rs.215.00
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Sensa Glue Rod Thin Pack of 10
Sensa Glue Rod Thin Single piece price Recommended for small glue gun
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Sensa Glue Rod Clear Pack of 10
For use in glue guns, excellent for bonding heat-sensitive materials, as well as general applications Glue stick that is compatible with almost all standard glue guns, even Stanley's glue gun. Applications - gluing plastic, metal, wood, fabric, ceramics, and cartons,...
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Sensa Cloth Binding Tape 2.5X10y
Sensa cloth binding tape 2.5 x 10y, easy to use & reliable. High quality cloth binding tape. Great addition to your office, pantry, garage, workshop, tool shed, affix this tape to nearly many surfaces for tagging or creating written labels,...
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