Shark – Wax Crayons Pack of 12
Smooth coloringBright colorsWith paper sleeveIdeal for children’s handsAvailable in Regular / Jumbo / Extra Jumbo 12 Color Set Shark 1 crayons  nontoxic, extra smooth, easy to use & reliable, crayons all multi-colors in the box, used for arts & craft...
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Lyra Graphite Crayon Single Piece
Lyra Graphite Crayons In Water Soluble Lyra Water-soluble Crayons are chunky, hexagonal sticks of water-soluble graphite that are 12mm in diameter and 120mm long. Ideal for drawing and sketching, especially for people who find a larger grip more comfortable to...
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Mickey Mouse Cryons Color Box Pack of 86
Mickey mouse colors 86pcs. Easy to use & reliable. High quality. Color box with multiple colored pens, crayons, water colors, oil pastes, pencils. Best use for gifting in birthdays. 86 pcs. Color: multi color.
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